Monday, October 21, 2013

A Easy Halloween Treat Witch's Snot Green Chocolate Brownies

This is a really simple recipe and its a good Halloween treat for desert after a meal.   What you will need is 1 box of  brownie mix and one can of lime pie filling and I found my mix and pie fill right in the baking section of and grocery store.  Do up the mix as stated on the box and you need a brownie mix that states to use 2 eggs, so the mix I used was Pillsbury's brownie mix.  In well greased 9 X 11 pan pour enough the brownie mixture to just cover the entire pan don't pour all the mix you want to save about half so half in the pan then add and the lime pie filling and carefully with a spatula spread over the bottom part of the brownie mixture it may be a little hard but it can get done. Then pour the other half of the brownie mixture over the top of the lime pie fill and lightly swirl the mixtures together.  You can sort of see that in the finished brownies pictured above.  Bake until the tooth pick comes out clean.  The cool thing about these brownies is when they are still warm the lime pie filling oozes out to look like green snot!  I have made these for my neighbors little boys! and do they love them!  Should you not like the taste of lime you can use the cook vanilla pudding and add green food color, just make the pudding before doing the brownies and add some green food coloring, I like the pie filling better its thicker and it oozes much more easily, and gives a wonderful tart taste to plain brownies.  I will also add this recipe to my recipes in case you miss out!

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Barb said...

How Fun especially for the boys!!
Thanks for sharing Pam!