Friday, October 11, 2013

Teaching Me How to Hook a Rug with Yarn

Good afternoon from the Oregon coast! I hope you all are well!?
Well I finally went and did it, bought myself some different yarns and a rug hook along with fabric to hook the rug.  I am using a small rug hook, wool yarn along with acrylic yarn.  The pattern is my very own design a Halloween cat with some pumpkins and a small bat.
I did use Burlap for the rug and backed it with grip rubber liner that you might use in a cupboard for glasses.  I used a yellow acrylic yarn to do a binding stitch around the burlap and backing of the rug, this is my first time playing around with the yarns which I love rather than trying wool, which is a little more expensive.  I guess too that I just love all the various types of yarns and textures and even plan on hooking with ribbon, because I a little test with ribbon and found it works great!  Another thing I did after finishing the rug was to steam iron it and I think is an important thing to do when using the various yarns it seemed to level everything out and make the rug look a lot better.  Oh yes I almost forgot! before even beginning the rug I sewed a stitch around the burlap so that it did not unravel all the burlap.  You are also probably wondering how I hooked being that I forgot to take a picture of what I used to hold the rug, my hubby took a large bike wheel frame sanded it down and painted it and I have a small elastic tie down that loops perfectly around the bike wheel! I just love my hubby for creating my very own rug hooking loop! It's one of kind and works really well.

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