Friday, November 1, 2013

This is Panny the Plaid Purple Bear

 You can find Panny in my Etsy store Mapela's Rag Cloth Doll & Animals.  Panny is from one old time vintage stash patterns; this bear pattern comes from 1965.  Panny does not sit he is a standing bear, I created from some purple Berber that I had and I even followed the patterns directions which call for Berber but I had plaid purple not brown.  Instead of using felt for his eyes I used small safety eyes that are brown and a black small safety nose.  He is 17 inches long and I have filled him with fiber fill and added a purple and sliver wire ribbon around his neck.  Panny is the name I choose for him he originally did not have a name I just thought he looked like a Panny the Bear!  He is safe for kids 4 and up because of the safety eyes.  I another reason the pattern made him standing so that is very hug easy! and easy to cuddle in bed don't you all think?

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