Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Ghoulish fog Saturday Morning cool crisp Halloween Weather

 Good Saturday afternoon to everyone!!
Today I had to share the photos of this morning's pictures!  One of my most favorite things about living in Astoria and on the Oregon coast is the fall weather and woo who!  we have been having some really nice weather in the afternoon, morning are pretty brisk but the afternoons are sunny and bright.  I also love the fall fog I don't know I just do and what is really neat is I can drive into Astoria and go to the column and be above the fog and so that's what these pictures are of, capturing the fog below.  I also had to add a picture of the column, which you can still climb as you can see in the picture someone has done that, if I remember right I believe its a 177-174 steps to the top.  In some of pictures you can see Saddle Mountain in the distance. So now I better go sit outside and enjoy the sun and later I will pick on the crafting again.

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