Friday, September 13, 2013

Working on all Kinds of Halloween Goodies What I have been up to this week

Well you probably wondering where I have been? crafting away for October!  These are a few of the new things I have done up.  First is a 6 inch soap dispenser with a little cute black cat.

 This a a 17 inch rag cloth doll witch that I created, I made up my own pattern and cut the body of the doll out of muslin then painted a bootiful expression on the witch and this time I used a little hot glue and some black fake fur for the hair
 This is from a old crafting magazine pattern that is been with me for a very long time I thought it was about time to do up this pattern.  The body is muslin that I have stained with coffee, vanilla, and cinnamon.  then I used black yarn for the hair and some gold nails for the bolts in his neck.  I just love how he came out! and I am planing on making another one but may staining the fabric with green acrylic paint.
This is last item a 19 X 30 table runner for Halloween.  I had some spare pumpkin orange broad cloth and I thought table runner!  So I did a applique work and added some cute cotton Halloween fabric and some nice black fringe.
Oh yes now onto the giveaway, which be not September but October 2/13 and there will be a Halloween item and a Thanksgiving item... that's right 2 items! 2 winners and there also might a dare I say it! a Christmas item! yes I dare say it! remember Oct 2 is my huge give ways! 

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