Saturday, April 2, 2011

More on The frenzy of making Rag Cloth dolls

I just wanted to share with you all the frenzy I have been in about making rag cloth dolls, these five are what I have finished this week, and this morning I just finished the larger rag cloth doll. I just have been in the mood to really get busy and create dolls and more dolls! The doll below is one I created a while back and today decided to stain her up just a little, I created the facial features and stained her with some instant coffee, the hair has been sewn into the head of the doll and it was a white/sliver yarn that I used just to give the doll a different look. She is 14 inches and filled with fiber fill. I have just been having a blast this week creating all kinds of rag cloth dolls and I am not done yet!


Strega Jewellry said...

This was quite interesting to me. Last year, I knitted a pirate doll for my grandson and he loved it but it took me eons to finish! I was wondering about making some cloth dolls and knitting the clothes for them but had no ideas how to go about it. Your post gave me a lot of information. It also looks like a lot of work. You do a nice job.

Michelle said...

You stain the face with coffee? That is so cool!
I love these dolls! On average how long do they take to complete and where did you learn this beautiful craft?
Amazing work!

The other side of Frankly Its kute said...

Thank you! for your comments; each doll I make is different so time really varies an example a 10 inch doll might take a day or 2 depending on how much I want to stain, sometimes I create a dark stain and so I will stain the doll a few times, I dry the doll each time before staining again and again, it also depends on on dark I make the staining solution, and I have self taught myself by just playing around with the stain, for a really dark stain, I usually go 2 large tablespoons of coffee and 1 tablespoon water for a 10 inch doll.

Me said...

Wonderful dolls!