Thursday, March 31, 2011

Doll Making Frenzy in My Home, Primitive, Old looking Rag Cloth Dolls

Well the little flower doll started me off into a real doll making frenzy! I started on some smaller dolls that are 10 inches the pattern is from a very favorite place I love to visit The pattern is called Lill' Anne and Fran and it is an e pattern. There are lots of wonderful patterns at Chestnut Junction.
In the picture above I have already sewn the doll and I am about to stain it with 2 tablespoons of instant coffee and some warm water, about a tablespoon and half;I began brushing the stain on using a sponge paint brush. I wanted the doll really dark and as you can see in the picture below the stain is quite dark. Then I took a blow dyer to the doll and dried her. After she was quite dry and began painting on the facial features with acrylic paints. Then I took some light weight sand paper and sanded on the doll just slightly to help get the real old feel to the doll. The hair for the doll was also stained and it a bright red/orange thick wool yarn that I sewed into the head of the doll using a very heavy quilting thread. In case you might be wondering how I stained the hair; what I did was to cut the the yarn into the pieces I wanted then I just placed them into the staining solution and let them soak a minute or two, next I squeezed out the excess and just let them air dry. The picture below is the finished doll and did she come out quite sweet looking, also quite aged and primitive.

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