Monday, April 4, 2011

Aretha is a 18 inch Rag Cloth doll, an Original Design

Aretha is a 18 inch rag cloth doll that is designed entirely by me, I created the pattern and the looks for this sweet doll. I finally finished her Sunday evening. She is made from muslin and filled with fiber fill.
This time I only lightly stained the doll and reduced the staining solution. A new thing that I am doing with the rag dolls that I design is to paint a heart with a arrow through it and sign with PS so that it gives them that special little extra something.
I filled the doll and hand sewed the arms on, the legs are sewn on with the sewing machine for this larger doll. It makes the legs more secure. I then brushed the stain on using a sponge brush and did only one coat and dried her well with a large blow drier. Some features are painted on using acrylic paints, and the eyes are black buttons that I have hand sewn into the doll. The hair is a heavy red wool yarn and I have also hand sewn the hair into the head of the doll using heavy quilting thread. I also sanded the black painted shoes to make them look older on this doll. The dress and bloomers are my own design and are cotton fabrics. I had fun creating her and I will be adding her to my art fire store in a few days.

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