Friday, April 24, 2009

A Recipe for Potato Soup/stew

I love potato soup/stew and so with a little experimenting I like using my crock pot to make this.
You can do this either way; but my family likes the potatoes with the peel on, and I know some people don't like the peel so if you don't peel your potatoes.
For my family I use about 9-12 potatoes and the large the better, I slice the potatoes at a angle and toss them in the crock pot with 4-6 cups of water, depending on how large your family is but if you end up with extra you can freeze it for another meal.
I love adding caned milk or regular milk can be used, add 2 small chopped onions, and you can add cooked up bacon, sausage, hamburger(cooked) celery, basil, peas, carrots, in this case I add onion, already cooked hamburger and basil.
You can add whatever you and your family like, I want to mention the canned milk really gives it a good favor and you should add at least 2 cans to your crock pot. Check on it from time to time just to stir and add about a tsp of flour for a more thicker sauce if you would like or just leave it as is and have a thinner soup/stew.
Now set your crock pot to low( start this early in the day) and let it cook all day long, serve with corn bread or sourdough toast,buttermilk biscuits and a green salad.

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