Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Creating One of My Many Cloth Dolls

I thought it might be fun to show the process of creating one of my many cloth dolls; so here she is on the sewing machine finally being put together. In this step I am sewing the head to the front of the body using muslin and I have already embroidered the facial features a few weeks back.

Okay now the front of the body is ready to be attached to the backside of the body. Now onto other body parts such as the arms and the legs. What I am doing here is sewing the arms onto the body front and when I turn it the arms will be sewn to the inside of the front and back of the body.

This is the completed body of the doll who will be 23 inches long. Now onto the hair, bloomers and dress. Yup that is Oreo's pound puppy sitting on the table ( my baby dog)

This is the cloth doll with the completed dress and hair added to her, she is coming out pretty cute....

This is the finished rag cloth doll, and I will be adding her to my other blog so that the doll or the pattern can be purchased and I will also be naming her and talking more about her at It's Just Krazy Kute Productions

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