Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Working on Holiday Painted Plates for this Week

This week I got busy painting plates for the holidays.  I ended up getting at 4 plates painted! yea!
All the plates are my very own design and I drew what I wanted on the plates by using a light colored acrylic oil based pen.  Once I draw the picture free hand then I began painting and filling in all the wonderful colors.  You can see I have Halloween and Autumn on the mind. Each plate is painted then baked to be sealed the I love using most is oil based acrylic paints and these now come in maker with various sizes.  I have also added some cute sayings on each plate to go along with the season.
I really love doing up the plates its another to express my ideas and keep up on my drawing ability.  Soon I plan on doing some serious plates like actually painting some pretty roses on a plate.  I think my favorite plates are the green plain ones because seems like the colors jump out more than on the white plates.  Even though I seal the plates by heating them I still say they are only for decor and not to eat off of them.  I am finishing up one more plate for Halloween and then it will be time to work on some for Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are some really great ideas racing around in my head for those holiday plates.  Tomorrow I think I will start working on a 20 inch doll that will be a witch and one for everyday after the dolls it will be on to some whacked out quilts.
These plates will all go into my other Esty store http://www.etsy.com/shop/pamelastocker1?ref=si_shop.

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