Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oh My! Butter Finger Cookies

Here they are! those Butter Finger Cookies! I found the recipe here....
What a great recipe this was to do up these cookies, these will not last long in any home and if you have boys... my husband and son.  When I think about it I would say... look out they may be gone in seconds! I did these up a few weeks ago and went to do an errand for a minute or two, when I got back the cookies were gone.  This is actually what was left of the second batch I made.. phew! it was close even saving these few for a picture.  I did change the recipe a little by adding some coconut and they were just wonderful with about a cup of coconut added, I might try adding chopped nuts next time, anyway that's what my boys are asking for in the cookies next time I make them.

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