Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sewing New Rag Cloth dolls While the Computer was Reparied

Howdy to all! You might be wondering why I have not posted a blog lately, well the computer had to go in and be repaired I downloaded what is know as zero virus! Good heavens the computer had to be totally programmed because a zero virus is nasty! Well one good thing came out of it, I got a lot of sewing done in that week and half. I have finished some dolls! hooray!
The first rag cloth doll animal is a bear. Actually I call these my Pud Bears and there is a whole lot you can do with them. They are 14 inches tall and the middles are round and fluffy. I can make this bear out of many different kinds of fabrics. In this case I am using muslin and have stained it heavily with my sauce, making the bear quite grubby. Next I filled the bear with fiber fill and painted the facial features. The dress is quite simple, a strip of torn cotton Halloween fabric gathered by hand and placed onto the bear.

This is the second rag cloth doll I finished and this is Polly and loopy, Polly is 18 inches and hold her pet bunny loopy. Both are made from muslin and stained. I created their facial features with my acrylic paints, both are filled with fiber fill. The dress and bloomers are a rayon cotton blend and the hair is a wool yard that I have hand sewn into the head of the doll. As you might have guessed I used that heavy quilting thread to help sew the yarn into her head. The pattern is from 1978 and I just designed loopy from my husband's thumb, I had him put his thumb on a piece of paper and traced around it. Next I transferred the thumb pattern onto fabric and Ta Da I got loopy! I get my pattern ideas from those wild but fun thoughts I have for creating, basically what I am saying you can create a pattern from most anything if you let your imagination run wild

Now these great little dolls are from a pattern I bought at There are some great patterns there and I hope you will go check out the web site. I design the doll way different than the instructions call for; so they are done up different. I created the facial features my self one little doll is happy and the other is grumpy! I used acrylic paints to do the work. I have also made the dolls very grubby. I made 2 sets from the same pattern but I added ears or werewolf ears on the second set. Both sets are made from muslin and stained to be grubby. The dress fabrics are cotton fabrics and the dolls are filled with fiber fill. I know I mentioned last time talking about the Butter Finger cookies and I meant to post about them but I got so excited over the dolls and the finished 18 inch doll I just had to share this post first! So a little later on I will share the recipe for the Butter Finger cookies with you. Today I will be adding all the new dolls to Maplea's Rag Cloth Dolls and Animals.

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