Thursday, June 21, 2012

Craft Project how to Recycle a Pint jug into Fun and Cute Decor

As I stated yesterday I would show you all how to recycle a jug like this into something like this...
and something like this one...

So let's begin...
What you will need a one pint jug
cotton fabrics 
ribbon or cording
acrylic paints black, white, red and pink
buttons of various kinds or small wooden decorative items
Scrap book paper of various colors for the little black gal I am using brown card stock 
Modge Podge 
brown felt
yarn of your choice
paper towels or old rag cloth towels
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
The paper decor for the butterfly is from the scrap booking section in Jo Ann's and its call K&Company it's what I used to make the butterfly jug. 
2 1/2 inch foam ball
One wooden cloths pin
I have listed all that you will need to make both jugs but I am doing the demonstration with the black gal jug both are done the same way basically but there are a few differences and I will mention these as I go along. 
You can see that I have cut some strips out of the brown and red scrap book paper and I have my modge podge in a bowl.  For the mixture of modge podge pour in about a 1/3 of cup and add a small amount of water and mix well.  Also with the brown strips cut them smaller into little squares as it will be much easier to decoupage  the foam ball. 
You are going to soak the paper, both red and brow in the modge podge mixture and then carefully work the paper onto the jug and the foam ball.  I say carefully because the paper will tear easy and this is a project you will need time to be able to do.  In the butterfly jug I place the strips horizontal and the black gal jug I did the strips running up and down the jug.  You can also cut the strips smaller and decoupage what ever way might be easier for you.  
You can see in this picture how the jug is coming out when I ran the strips from top to bottom.  Before you do the ball place it on the jug and push down slightly as to make an impression of the mouth of the jug, this will be helpful when hot gluing the head on the top.  Now when you do the small foam ball it will take time and the paper is going to get real sticky try to work quickly as you can.  My foam ball looks really icky but it will not look that way when it dries.  You now need to let the jug and ball dry really well before the next steps so over night is good or use a blow dryer to quicken up this project.  I actually sat my ball and jug outside yesterday because it was a very nice warm day and this made the drying so much faster.
After the jug dries really well you can begin adding all the fun little touches, in the butterfly jug I used wire plaid ribbon and cut it to the length  I wanted and I looped it through where the jug handle is and tied a simple bow.  In the black little gal jug I am separating rope into small strains and will use one for a bow.
I have now added the rope and I have cut a scrap of cotton fabric that is about 3 inches wide and 12 inches long.  I am using it for a Shaw and have knotted and hot glued it a little on each side.  For the butterfly jug take the butterflies and bend just slightly and hot glue them down the center on the back side and place where you would like them to go, be sure to hold in place for a few seconds.  On the butterfly jug use a wooden cloths pin with the rounded head, you can find these in any craft store, I found mine in Jo Ann's.  Take the wire ribbon and gather it, then put the hot glue on the pin and press the ribbon around, be careful not to burn your fingers doing this, it's a bit tricky doing this part.  Then I tied some red ribbon around the top of the pin and added a touch of hot glue.  The hair is black yarn and I just cut a few pieces and knotted those together and hot glued to the top of the cloth's pin.  Then I took my oil based acrylic paint pens and added eyes in black and pink for the mouth and cheeks.  I took the hot glue and placed some glue in the center of the pin, placing it on top of the mouth of the jug so that it will remain in place and not fall off.
In this picture below I have added the cute wooden decor which is some purple flower and I am hot gluing them on.

Before you add the head  (foam ball) paint on the facial feature you would like, cut your yarn and knot it for hair then glue onto the top of the foam ball.  I also cut out a large triangle and tied it onto the head shaping and hot gluing into place.  You can also see that I have added some wooden cute frogs to the bottom of the jug.  What I did for arms on the jug was to cut out 2 small arms from brown felt and I stuck them slightly under the Shaw and hot glued them into place.

I know this project seems long but I am talking about how to do both jugs! and I hope I have made this simple and fun to understand how to recycle these neat jugs into something else.  Once again my brain is cooking with a new idea. You are welcome to post any questions if I have not made something clear for doing this project I will be glad to answer them.  I have also filmed this and I thinking about adding that to YouTube in a few days.  So there will be a verbal tutorial.


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Great tutorial!!! Thanks for sharing!


Kim said...

How cute! I love both of them!!