Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Recycled Mississippi Mud Jugs into a Butterfly Jug

My neighbor gave me these to recycle, I am recycling them but in a different matter. I have created a cute craft idea for these jugs and I was playing around with one of the three I have, of course I took pictures of it and I am thinking about making it a craft project to share with all of you.
This is the finished recycled jug that I now call the butterfly jug and was this lots of fun to create, so in a few days I will post how I created this cute project and share what items you will need to recycle these neat jugs.
Already my brain is cooking and stewing up some new ideas to do with the remaining 2 jugs. I will show how to make this one and I am thinking about something totally different for the other jug.
It just was something to do a very quiet Tuesday afternoon besides just sitting back and watching some silly t.v show.


Firecracker Kid said...

Wow, those are interesting jugs. I like what you did with one of them. Very pretty and "just frankly kute."

Kim said...

That is really pretty! Love the idea :)