Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Working on a Cute Wall Hanging Quilt for a Monday


Good Monday to everyone! Boy! another month is just flying by me.  I have been wishing summer would come to the Oregon coast, it's just disappeared! The weather has been wet, cool and gray!
Today thought I would share this cute quilt I am working on.  The chicken fabric came in the mail the other day, an order from fabric depot.  I love fabric depot and I really don't go to Portland much anymore so its nice knowing Fabric depot is on line and thank heavens for that!   I love ordering fabric from them and this time I got some cute chicken farm fabric!
Sunday I spent cutting the pieces and deciding how I wanted the quilt to look.  Today I began sewing and have it all sewn together.  Now I have to add quilt batting and backing.  I am also using some really cute plaid cotton fabric with strawberries on it for the contrast and I love how it is coming out so far!  I also have to iron it again.  Which is what I did when I first started cutting out the pieces, ironing all the squares so that they will sew together easier and look nice and even.  I have not decided what I will back the quilt with but I have some heavier fabric that is a dark yellow with chickens all over it and that might just make good backing for this quilt but I may just go with a solid color, it's back to work on the quilt, hoping everyone has a great Monday.