Monday, August 1, 2011

Working on Some New Rag Cloth Dolls that will be Colorful

It's time to get busy again making my favorite thing....
rag cloth dolls.
As you can see I have just finished the body of the doll using Onsburg and I will be filling her with fiber fill, attaching the arms and legs. I plan on painting the facial features using the acrylic paints I love, I am using bright summer light weight cottons for the blouse and skirt. You can see that the blouse is somewhat done and that I am working on the skirt that is on the sewing machine. I have already decided her hair color which is going to be a bright pink heavy wool yarn. I can't quite get into working on fall just yet, I still have a lot of summer on my mind and I think I will do up a few colorful dolls, not sure if I will stain any of them but I might just to make a few look old.
I am also working on two/two sided dolls for someone and one to put in my Etsy store, I will have pictures of those later this week and pictures of this doll when it has been completed. At the end of August I will do up some scarecrows that I have been meaning to get busy with, well I think I will take a break and go step out into the Monday morning sunshine on the Oregon coast.

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