Friday, August 5, 2011

Just Finished a Special Order Primitive 2 Sided Rag Cloth Doll

Today I am close to finishing up one of my favorite dolls I created, this is a 2 sided doll that I have stained to look old. The body part of the doll is of course Onsburg and it is stained with instant coffee and the facial features have been painted on with acrylic paints.
In my first 2 sided doll I had legs but I kind feel she is better without the legs and just left to imagination? but I will have to think about it a little more.
This is such fun doll that I created, ideas are just burning in my head on what do with her next. I may make her into a Topsy turvy doll, a 2 sided witch and more. She is my second 2 sided doll the first is here
She is 21 inches long and just as fun as fun can be!