Friday, April 8, 2011

The 200th Post and the Give Away Contest!

The 200th Blog post and Give Away Contest!
I was amazed that I have made 200 posts, so thought it would be nice to have a give away celebrating the fact I have made that many posts. So are you ready!
Okay then...
Be the 27th person to comment on these 2 photos
The 27th person will be the winner of these 2 items pictured!
You can say something silly, funny, sweet, serious, goofy but just be that 27th person within the United States to make a comment
I will check back often to see how the contest is running
Once I have the 27th comment I will post the winner! on my blog and give my email address, the winner will then have to contact me about shipping and handling arrangements, etc.
So come along and have some fun and help me celebrate my 200th blog post!


Deb said...

Oh Pam I'm so sorry! Had I known your blog name I would have been watching for this! Your give a ways are GREAT! Belindy is just too cute for words! You're give a ways would make anyone smile! Your work is fantastic and you have so much talent. I congratulate you on your 200th post! You're blog is very attractive and have some very interesting information and recipes here! Now that I found you I am following your site and will keep an eye on your creations! Ahh so much talent! Next I'll be looking up your shop and where you post your items for sale!LOL Take care and count me as one of your major fans! You are great! Deb

Susie@YLP said...

ok, the comments from the Hive didn't transfer over here.. so I'll get the ball rolling here. Comment #1...

Bubbasmom / Brenda said...

Hi please sign me up for your giveaway.Congrads. on your 200th post .Brenda