Thursday, March 24, 2011

Talking about What I Love to Crochet; Rag Rugs

I thought I would talk about one of my second favorite things I love to do, which is to crochet. Many years ago I wanted to crochet and I had a friend who could really crochet up a storm and really win big for her crocheting. Well to say the least this really inspired me to learn how to crochet. I was left handed and she was right handed and so teaching me was hard; if you are left handed you will know what I am talking about everything was the opposite.
So my good friend learned how to crochet left handed in order to teach me, basically I just learned some easy stitches and that was that. So for a really long long time I never crochet until my aunt came along and taught me that fancy crocheting was not that big of a deal! God bless her!
She taught me that by just using a simple basic stitch one can make crochet rag rugs with yarns, recycle sheets, or other fabrics.
Most of all she taught me no fancy patterns were needed just go until you like what your getting, and if you don't you can undo and start over.
Let me tell you I have had lots of fun creating this way; one of my favorite rugs is the one pictured up above. I found some really thick green wool yarn and dark orange yarn and began creating this rag rug just using a basic stitch and I think it came out really nice looking, I did not use a pattern guide but just a thought or idea of how I wanted it to turn out, when I was finished I thought it needed some tassels and so I added those on a little later on. Since then I crochet with a fever using all kinds of fabrics, I will say sheets are the funnest for me, easy to tear into strips and knot together, and second cotton fabrics too. I guess my whole point is crocheting never has to be hard it can be lots of fun even when you only know a few basic steps.

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