Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sharing just some Pictures taken of the new toy and a few scences

My son on the new bike, right now hubby and son will be sharing it but if my son gets good grades the rest of this year and his senior year the bike will be his.

I was able to finally get a fairly good picture of my little blue jay that comes around to eat ever so often.

Just a picture of the woods and a small creek one tree had fallen over and I thought it was a pretty creek.

These ducks were just right across my street in the neighbors yard, can you tell we have gotten lots of rain on the Oregon coast?

I just thought this little shed was colorful and so I took some pictures of it, playing around with the camera and down before is a very neat hillside that I just felt needed a picture taken of it. I have been doing a bit of photography around the area of Oregon and just thought I would share a bit of it this week for everyone and do a little something different this weeks.

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