Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fabric Bowl and some Tiny rag cloth doll Rabbits

I just finished these guys and the bowl a few days back. The fabric bowl is a green cotton fabric that I created using a brown thread for contrast on the bowl and added a plaid ribbon around the bowl and for the handle of the bowl.

The tiny rabbits are made from muslin that I painted with acrylic paints and sealed. I filled each tiny rabbit with fiber fill and added ribbon to their necks.
I did not use any patterns, the bowl and rabbits were just an idea I had in mind and actually the rabbits are a cartoon I had drawn a long time ago and just sat down and re-drew them and cut out the image and traced it onto fabric.
On the fabric bowl no patterns were used I just got on my sewing machine and began sewing until I got the shape and size of the fabric bowl I wanted; as usual I torn 1 inch strips of fabric and wrapped it around cotton cording to sew the bowl. In a few days I will be adding them to the art fire store.


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Strega Jewellry said...

I checked out your blog after reading the Bloggers Unite FB page. I love these little bunnies in a basket! So cute. Now I will have to check out your Artfire store.