Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Second Crafty Idea on Making a Unfinished Wooden Jewelry Box Aged

Another howdy to everyone; this is the second half on what to do with those cute wooden unfinished boxes or jewelry boxes you can find in craft stores.

I have done this one a bit different, in that I used acrylic paints; I took some dark yellows and browns for coloring the unfinished box, some scrapbook paper, twine, cotton fabric and some little wooden decor to stick on the box.

Once again I suggest sanding the unfinished box with a light weight sand paper just so that you can get the paint to set better and stick in certain areas of the grain.

What I did was to first paint on browns and yellows then quickly wipe them blending the paints into one another and staining the wood. In this project you need to work quickly with the paint and at times let it dry and then add another coat until you get the desired look you would like. Now with this project it is not about being perfect, be messy and having fun. As you might see in the pictures I let the paint set in certain areas and did not wipe off because I wanted an ugly, old aged looking box to some degree. I decoupaged the paper on the front back then the fabric got put on top, once again let dry over night. I added a little more paint over the paper using the yellow and wiped off again.
The fabric on top of the box is cotton fabric with a bunch of chickens and once I let the fabric dry, I began to stain the fabric with strong instant coffee.
Some of the final touches were a bit of glitter paint that was applied then wiped; twine, and the little wooden decor pieces were added using hot glue.
This project took a little time and work but was lots of fun and interesting to play with the paints and get a different look.

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