Monday, February 14, 2011

Recycled Denim into a 20 inch Rabbit

I had some old denim jeans that belonged to my hubby that I used to create this goofy rabbit. The Jeans had bleach stains on them, making them old and worn out so I decided to recycle the jeans.
I began by sitting down and doodling out some ideas of rabbits and came with this pattern for a rabbit; finally I came up with a 20 inch rabbit.
I decided to make the jeans look even more grubby by using an brown acrylic paint to stain the denim even more and sew the rabbit with the seams on the outside so that the fabric would fray and look old.
I used pink embroidery floss for his nose and mouth and white buttons for eyes and the final touch is some floral cotton fabric torn to make a loose fitting bow around his neck.
This is a simple idea to help recycle those old denim jeans that be headed for the trash, it was fun and simple.

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