Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Crafty Idea; making a wooden jewelry box look old and primitive

Happy Super Bowl weekend to everyone; this weekend I thought I would share a project I just finished. I love hunting for these little unfinished wooden jewelry boxes in craft stores. I like to get them and aged them and I thought I share how I do them up.
What I did was measured some scrape book paper out and decoupage it onto the front the jewelry box and I tore a bit off on the sides to make the paper look old and used ; second I cut an old birthday card I had laying around that had this cute kitten on it and decoupage it on the front over the scrap book paper. But lets step back for a second before decoupaging I sanded the jewelry box down a bit with a light weight sand paper and roughed it up a bit to get some of the natural design of the box to stand out. When I added the scrap paper I let it dry real good for a day, then added the kitty and let it dry for another day. When it was completely dry I beg to stain with instant coffee, making the coffee quite strong with very little water. I then did a wash over the entire jewelry box and let it dry quite well once again ( using a larger paint brush)

Then I used a much smaller brush and dipped it into the stain but also dipping it into some dry instant coffee that I poured into a small dish causing an even darker stain and adding where I really wanted to age the box even more. Sometimes I would just leave the stain sitting in place letting it dry that way.

I have a ton of fun creating these aged jewelry boxes, because there is so many different ways to create them and a little later on I will share another that while back I posted about but will talk about again because that one is done an entirely different way and it is one of kind.

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