Thursday, January 13, 2011

Talking about a Wall Hanging Quilt Called Colors of Winter

A big hello to all! I am back at working on my blogs once again. Christmas and the new year were very busy for me this year and so my blogs did not get the attention they needed but here I am again and off to a new year and a new start on the blog.

I call this wall hanging quilt colors of winter because I was thinking of a winter that one might spend in a log cabin looking out their bedroom window and guess what; this is what this quilt is about.

The backing is quilting batting and a plaid flannel that was used, all the other fabrics are just cotton fabrics with lots of color. I thought the tie dye cotton just fitted the mood of winter so it became the back round or the skyline for the setting of this quilt.
The idea of the story is you are looking out a big picture window in a log cabin bedroom there is the bed with a warm plaid flannel blanket and by the bed is a small chest with a lit candle flickering away. As you look out the window you see horses racing away from some black bears and a bunch of trees that have grown tired of the cold winter that has befallen them. It also would not be winter with lots of snow on the ground, of various shades.
I began first by using some muslin and then whacking out each portion of the winter scene and just using some un-knotted embroidery floss, I just did a few stitches to hold the scene in place before the final sewing was done. Another thing I did while sewing this quilt was to use some wild stitches with my sewing machine around the trees most using a bright mixed colored embroidery floss around the trees to give the effect that moss is growing on them.
The quilt took about 2 weeks to make and is original in that I used not a single pattern but just my imagination to make the winter scene.

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