Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What I am Working on for Tuesday Dec 7

Well I just finished up this primitive winter scene on a chalk board all I have to do now is add the cording for hanging. I have a ton of fun painting with acrylic paints on the chalkboards you can find in any craft store. I start by sanding down the wooden framing on the chalkboard so that it will hold the paints and stains. In this case I just started painting free hand what I wanted and things that came to mind for a cute winter scene. I also used some glitter paints in the picture and when the scene was completely dried I added an oil base stain and took a cloth and did some wiping off the stain. I just really like the affect I got with the stain and paints in which I also did a bit of wiping off on the wooden frame to give it aged withered look just a tiny bit.

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