Thursday, November 11, 2010

What I am Working on for Thrus, Wooden Christmas Ornament's

Happy Veteran's day to all, and Thank you to all those who serve and have served !

I am once again busy creating some holiday items; I have been working on some Christmas ornament's. These are quite simple and fun to make, and any craft store will carry the pre-made wooden pieces. I had some holiday craft paper to use for the little round bulb; what I did was trace around the bulb first and cut it out and decoupage to the wooden bulb. Next I sanded the little bear and added a oil based stain and painted the facial features with acrylic paints. I also stained the bulb first let it dry for a day then painted a few trees and some snow for a cute simple scene.

I need to note; that the bear and bulb are separate pieces that I have hot glued together. The finishing touches are some gold ribbon for the the bear and some jute so that the ornament can be hung on the tree. Yes I am trying to give the ornament's a bit of that old look by using stain. In this next one I used wrapping paper and I used a gray acrylic paint for staining. So far it is coming out just the way I want it ; I sanded the bulb down just a bit to get the paint to give it an old look and I will do the same for the bear which I will stain a black being that black bears are found lots around Oregon. I will be adding these to one of my two stores Esty or Artfire, but I also wanted to share how to make them so that you all can get a bit crafty for the holidays with me.

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