Monday, November 8, 2010

What I am working for Monday After Nov 8th

Howdy to everyone! well Halloween just seemed to fly right by without a second thought, hard to believe its November and Thanksgiving is in just a few weeks; so I have decided to have free shipping in my art fire store here
This will go on the entire month of November, in the mean while I am working on this cute gingerbread doll that I will have completed in a few more days and I will add to the art fire store. I am also going to be doing some shows starting November 27Th and I will give more details about that a little later on. I am making the gingerbread doll from some great off brown felt, I have also designed a rick-wrack stitch around the arms and legs using my great sewing machine. The outfit will be a cute dark red Christmas dress with pantaloons and a bow for this doll.
Once again I went to the talking tombstones and had a wonderful time learning about those who traveled to Astoria Oregon and learned what life was like way back when here are a few photos of that adventure.

I love when the local people dress in costume and tell about a certain person, here in this photo I learned about a young woman in love and having some riches but falling ill to a disease. The gentleman below is the first car dealership that came to Astoria Oregon, and amazing enough the whole town of Astoria burned long ago. While he was trying to save the building where he had cars the fire depart was attempting to stop the burning of Astoria by using dynamite and so when the fire department attempted to blow up his building he got up on the roof and began shooting at the fire department with a shot gun, what an interesting story! He chased the firemen away but the fire left the dynamite and so he blew up the house that was next to him!

I love this event because its a bit of history in my own community that I learn about.

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