Friday, November 19, 2010

What I am working on for Friday, a stuffed plush polar bear

Good Friday to all!

Today I have been busy sewing up my own idea of a polar bear, I designed the pattern this morning and cut it out and began sewing and I am almost done but not quite.

I am using some white fake fur to make the bear and filling him with fiber fill.
I have used black buttons for eyes and nose and have hand sewn them into the head.
On the one arm in front of him I have sewn part of the arm backwards as to take glitter glue and write love onto the the arm of the bear and some x's.
He is going to be about 14 inches tall and I just he was perfect for the Christmas season, I think make 2 or 1 more of him, oh yes I also added a little powdered blush to those cheeks. I should have him done tomorrow.

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