Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Grungy Tom Turkey and His Large Pumpkin a Thanksgiving decor

This is Little Tom Turkey and is Large Pumpkin; I had lots of fun creating this Thanksgiving decor for a center on a table or sitting in a warm place.

The pumpkin and Tom are made from all cotton fall time fabrics and they are my own designs or patterns for both.

Tom looks quite pleased with himself and the pumpkin he has discovered for the holidays. Both Tom and the Pumpkin are filled with beans and fiber fill and I have attached tom with quilting thread to the pumpkin. Tom is 12 inches long the pumpkin is 24 inches around and 18 inches tall.

I have stained Tom with a special oil based stain to get look I wanted and I only did a bit of the pumpkin and I think it turned pretty well; but then that's what I like about using different stains you just never know what you can come up with when working with a pumpkin and a turkey.

I rubbed the stain onto both items and used a warm rag to help blend just touch. Tom has button eyes and there is raffia tied around his neck. I filled them with beans a bit to gift some weight and so that they will stay put and not run on you. It took me a few days to complete them both but I wanted to take a jump back into Thanksgiving being that it is just right around the bend and I will be adding these two to the Art fire store tomorrow.

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GobbleGoo's By Trish said...

I think he is absolutly adorable and very prim looking for the season.