Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Craft foam pin project, free easy craft project

Well it's October! and I did up an idea for an easy Halloween pin to share with all of you. This one is so easy it's scary.
What you will need:
green craft foam

small (2) detail paint brushes
red acrylic paint
green acrylic paint

black acrylic paint
brown acrylic paint

gray acrylic paint
Yellow acrylic paint

paper towels
small amount of black yarn
a small torn piece of Halloween cotton fabric

hot glue gun
empty craft pin ( I found these by the package at Joann's in the jewelry making section)

the first step is designing the shape; I did free hand but you may want to first take a pencil and piece of paper and sit down and draw out a 2 inch head that looks like Frankenstein in then transfer it to the craft foam to cut out. Your Jewelry pin should be about 2 inches or a little less and I found these in Joann's in the area for Jewelry making.
Also on the piece of paper decide how you want the facial features, now once again I just did mine free hand but you may desire to use more thought and be more creative than I did. You will want a couple of small detail brushes and towels and water to clean the brushes off as you change from one paint to another. What I did was to take the end of the paint brush dip in into the the yellow and apply it to the foam to get a nice round eye shape and I used a large paint end to do this; then I added some scares, a nose in green, freckles, mouth using black and red, gray for the little plugs on the side of his head. Next you will want to take some black yard about 5-8 strands; knot them together and hot glue the yard to the head then trim with scissors . There are lots of different kinds of yard so its up to you in my case I had some fancy decorative yarn that I used. Now take that strip of cotton Halloween fabric and tie it into a bow and hot glue it the the chin of the foam then trim off the access. Now your last step will be glue to the pin with a high temp glue and I also want to mention when you are done painting the face let it sit and dry for a few hours before adding the hair and these last steps otherwise you will have a mess on your hands with the facial features marring as you try to finish.

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