Saturday, September 25, 2010

Working on a new Project, Halloween Wall Hanging Quilt

Well I thought it was time to start a new wall hanging quilt for Halloween. So I have been busy creating a cute Halloween scene that can be hung out for the up coming season. I will have it done I am hoping next Friday and it in my art fire store.
The scene is about being in a haunted cemetery, the first point the the old fence and gate door and into the cemetery one goes to find some ghost floating about. I am using cotton quilting fabrics, broad cloth muslin, cheese cloth to create this quilt. I am not using any patterns but just an idea in my head. I am whacking out the pieces by hand and using some really cute fabric that I bought just a few days ago.
In the scene there is a dog dressed as a mummy, Dracula, flying little witch, and some owls and pumpkins; I better mention the tombstones and ghosts once more.
What will be interesting about this quilt
is that I plan on making or placing some buttons onto the quilt and adding floss to the ghosts so that they will be removable from the quilt. I plan on doing the sewing on my machine using the blanket stitch around each item I have put in place on the quilt. I will back the quilt with some warm and natural and flannel, maybe cut some bamboo and wire to make it a nice wall hanging.

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