Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bell 18 Inch Rag Cloth Doll, from 1990

If you love rag cloth dolls then I think you will like Bell lots. Bell is taken from a vintage pattern from 1990 and I sometimes think saying vintage for 1990 is hard to say being I was married in 1990 but that is 20 years ago.
The body of the doll is made from muslin and filled with fiber fill, the hair is a orange yarn that I have looped tied and sewn into the head of the doll with a heavy thread. I have also added some ribbon to the ponytails that were created for the doll.
The eyes are black buttons and I have painted on the freckles and mouth using acrylics, and applied a blush to

The jumper is scraps of fabrics sewn together for quilts,and the fabrics are cotton fabrics of various designs for holidays. Her under shirt, panties, soles of shoes, jumper ties are a dark red broadcloth; but the upper shoe is black broad cloth.
On the jumper tie straps there are little lady bug buttons, the jumper is is gathered and the under shirt is also gathered and I have added bright red ribbon to the shoes for a final touch to the doll. You can find her to purchase at It's Just Krazy Kute Productions
She is $16.00 and she would make a great gift idea for kids over the age of 7 years or those who love rag cloth dolls, I say over 7 years because of the button eyes.

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