Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall time Creating frenzy, designing new ideas for this fall season

Well this weekend kind of marks the end of summer being that school starts on Tuesday for all us here in Oregon. I have been hard at it coming up with some new ideas.
The first new idea is the little pumpkins I have created; they are made from dark orange broadcloth and filled with fiber fill, the stems are cotton fabrics; two pumpkins have green dotted fabric while the center pumpkin has a green plaid stem. I also added colored separated rope and rolled these pumpkins in cinnamon for an aged look and a nice scent. I created my own pattern for these pumpkins and they can be purchased at It's Just Krazy Kute Productions

This is Herman the Scarecrow he is also created from the letter b but in a bigger pattern and I have separated the b to be able to make the head. I have used muslin, fall cotton fabrics, fiber fill, buttons and separated rope for him. He is my own original design, I liked how the rope looked like straw as I pulled it apart and I had a pumpkin button to use for the nose and a bit of dark blush for the cheeks. He is also in my store It's Just Krazy Kute Productions for purchasing. I am still busy creating and will have more for you a bit later.

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