Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello Again... It's been a long time.

Hey everyone, it has been a very long time since I have posted... let me say I am very sorry.
But I facing a very serious trial, one that is going to take some time I can not say much because I do not want to hurt the investigation that is going on.
But I can say this trial has shaken me very much...but I still have faith in that it will turn out.
It will not turn the way my daughter wants or I want but maybe just maybe... in the end it will turn out, maybe just writing this will help others.
I have seen the ugly side of technology used for what is know as sex texting, I have say those who do this should be ashamed.
I hope and pray someday there will be laws that will protect against this. Laws that protect kids that are not able to understand fully what an awful thing this is; sex texting. The thing of it is this was not teens who did this to my daughter but grown men, men that should know better, you would think. This is only part of what is going on and I have said too much now. I am sorry for writing this because it does seem possible it could happen to a parent with an daughter of Autism and yet looks grown up.
I will try hard to get some crafting ideas to everyone, but I have to be honest my heart just has not been in lately.
Please pray for my daughter...

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