Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Crazy Time and a Cute Craft Project Idea

Hey everyone its been a couple of weeks; well it's been extremely crazy for me.
I have been like a chicken with my head cut off, things are just so different not having my hubby around all the time. He is gone for five days of the week and get to see him for such a short time on weekends.
To make things worse I fell off a
ladder and hurt my ankle and foot so I have been laid up.
My son is going to a different school and I have been very busy trying to get ready for that along with moving my daughter out into her apartment, in other words things have been quite frantic around my house.
Today is the first day I have been able really to be on my computer and I thought I would share this cute Idea.
What you will need:
prefabricated wooden toy that can be found
at craft stores. Any item will do I am just using this one for an example.
First stain the item with a very dark stain, I used just black acrylic pain and painted onto the wooden item and then wiped off with a paper towel.
Next let it dry for a day or two; then paint using some type of crackle to age the wood and let it sit for a day or more again.
Next paint certain items that you might like painted but once wipe off and more paint then wipe again as I did with the little bow in the hair and the hair, so that it looks faded.
Now paint your facial features anyway you would like, I just did some simple eyes in black and the mouth in black acrylic paint.
To add the paper products:
Take your favorite colors of paper, a heavy duty paper I would suggest.
Now for the dress I just paper and laid it on top of the wooden toy and pressed where I wanted to cute the dress out; then cut it out and glue it on and do this with the legs or where ever you want on your wooden toy.
Let dry for another day and add more of your dark stain and wipe off with a paper towel, dry again and now use a good brush on sealer, in this case I used a semi-gloss sealer and let dry for a few days.
The idea is to have fun with just a simple and easy idea and past a few hours of the day away doing it.

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