Saturday, October 24, 2009

Its Time to get Spooky

Well I have been having lots of fun I decorated the yard in an old grave like manner and yesterday I when and enter a witch contest locally here in Astoria Oregon and was it lots ghoulish fun. There were some wonderful witch costumes and I will share some of the pictures that my husband took of me all dressed up and a picture of the pumpkin my son craved.
The contest was held at the Country Crafters store; what a wonderful store, filled with all kinds of goodies, I personally bought some neat scented candles and some orange hot chocolate, and is it good with warmed milk.
The pumpkin is from some wonderful friends and is about 100 pounds I would guess. Mitchell scooped out all the inside and I toasted the pumpkin seeds in celery salt and they sure did taste good.
I dressed up as the evil green witch from the coast and my top is stuffed with fiber fill in case anyone might wonder. I was so excited to fit in the green dress I have been really working hard to lose some weight and I have lost about nine pounds I still have a long road ahead.

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