Monday, August 24, 2009

My High Flying Boy

What an exciting Saturday for my son, who is almost 16 years of age and trying to get his pilots license.
There was a small open house at the Coast Guard Air Station and the Astoria airport.
Most of the morning was getting to ride
along in some cool looking air craft and this is one of the photos of him outside the 1948 plane.

This was the second play a Russian Yak military training plane for the Military and is no longer made, making them was stopped in 2003. He really loved flying along in this one, it was fast and quite fun for him. He also got to fly along in two other planes that I forgot to take pictures of, he got to experience barrel rolls and dives. If it would have been me all one would hear is a blood screaming woman from the aircraft. I almost think he will be flying sooner than driving. It is his dream to fly in the military one day, and knowing him, he will alright, and yes I am very proud mom of my fly boy.

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