Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Summer nap and Catch for the Day, whacked out pillow

This is one of the very first pillows I ever whacked out, and what do I mean by whacked out?
Well its a form of cutting out fabric to design a scene, such as this one, I cut out each piece of fabric and placed it onto the cut out size of muslin then sometimes I will use a stick glue; just a dab and some e
embroidery thread that is not knotted and sew a few stitches through to hold the cut out pieces of fabric in place.

Then I will sew the fabric into place by using a selected stitch on my sewing machine; in this case I used the blanket stitch. I often just cut out my pieces free hand because you can get some interesting cut out pieces of fabric.

After I have sewn the the front of the pillow then I look for fabric for backing and fill the pillow with fiber fill, sometimes before I back I will add buttons or other items and sew them on by hand to just give the
pillow, a creative look as I put it.

In the case of this pillow its all about a little boy who seeks adventure so leaves his town to the near by lake to catch that glorious catch of the day, but falls asleep due to the wonderful, peaceful summer day.

I will be adding the pillow to my art fire store in a few days so be sure to look for it there to purchase.

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