Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life is always Full of Change

Life can be so interesting sometimes, full of changes; well its another big change for me and my husband. I think this year was the most we have ever struggled due to the tough economy. So it was time for a change....
What a big change my husband gave up the mule train log truck and is now training to be a tanker truck driver, it is huge change because it means him having to be away from home for while until we can sell our home and move closer to the new work.
It has been tough to make this choice but I know Heavenly Father has been guiding us along the way and for me it means lots more prayers to keep my husband safe because if I thought driving the log truck was dangerous now he will be driving around in a large gas can as we joke about this, so we still have a sense of humor.
Leaving the log truck behind was hard because he enjoyed it, seeing some beautiful country side and he has done it for more than 12 years.
So this is the last picture of the mule train fully loaded and our home at this time.
Next year the home will have to be sold the job location is to far away and we need to be closer.

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