Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tinker, Just a Small Cloth Doll

This is Tinker just a small cloth doll measuring about 13 inches long; she is one of my smaller dolls that I have done up.
I had some scrapes of cotton doll fabric and decide the scrapes needed to be a doll. So I designed Tinker. She is filled with fiber fill and her clothing is Pajamas made from some cute cotton flannel
Her eyes are mismatched buttons done with a bit of soft sculpting and some black cotton embroidery floss was used to make the eye lashes. I had a bit of dark red yarn with gold in it so that is what I used for her hair and the hair is sewn into her head. I think it gives this dolls a wonderful contrast.
I also added a small heat pearl white button to the outfit and some brightly colored ribbon to add more to that contrast theory.

She really is not for small children because of the buttons on her; an older child would be perfect for her so just someone who is a great doll lover and collector.

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