Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Little Red Jewelry Box

This is one of those cute wooden jewelry boxes that look like a purse; I think these are lots of fun to design.
What I did first was to mix a bit of red acrylic paint and a bit of burnt umber and then I took an old cloth and began applying the pain and wiping off the paint as to create that washed out, old or aged look.

Then I let the jewelry dry for about 2 days as to make sure the paint was completely dry; before adding the stickers of flowers and birds. Then I let that sit for a day before applying sealer and I would add just a single coat and let that dry then another coat, so about 2 coats of sealer and I used a flat sealer so that it did not look that shiny.
I also stained the inside of box and and added more stickers, and applied only a very light coat of sealer.

This was a fun project to do and it will make a nice gift for a friend, or a family member.

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