Monday, May 4, 2009

Sharing the Walk My Walk

Yesterday was a nice day so I and my husband decided to go for a walk along the Lewis and Clark river which is only a 100 yards from my home.
This is the view up the river and one can see a old cannery and the backside of Astoria and the Lewis and Clark Bridge.

This the the view looking down the river and across the river down further is the Lewis and Clark fort, things are starting to get that green look.
Thought I would take a picture of the shipyard that does repairs but I did not get the building in the picture but I did get some of the fishing boats.

A picture of one of the creeks as the tide is now coming in and a little bit of the field where geese do some nesting.

it was such a nice day warm and a bit cool with the breeze blowing.
The picture below was of an interesting piece of driftwood sitting on the river bank and I thought it would be interesting to take of picture of it before the tide came back in, it looks so old.

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