Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What I have been Working on Wendsday 2015

Good morning, yes I have been away for some time now, there is so much going on around me, new grandbaby who is actually not so new she is now five months a temple wedding coming up in March and working on the house getting it ready to sell.  I also I have another new store in way; its at café press and that is where I am adding all my digital art work. 
These are some of the drawings I have been working on, I have created the art work in Sharpie pen and added some digital effects to make them look vintage, grubby or just very old looking.   Here is a link to where you can see more of my designs for café press
I have also done a bit of house cleaning in my Etsy stores, most was donated for Christmas and the rest was donated to Goodwill.

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