Monday, April 21, 2014

Two New Finished Painted Wooden Trays A few Crows and Some Happy Little Pigs

 Good Afternoon to everyone! I hope Easter brought lots of family and friends together, mine was quiet with a simple brunch out at
Oh my goodness is the food there wonderful! it is my favorite place to eat! most we go for breakfast because their breakfast is just so YUM!
I have just finished painting these two small wooden trays with oil based acrylics and the designs are mine and were created freehand so I can't duplicate exactly the same.  I love crows there is so many fun ways to draw a crow! and these two are for celebrating the 4th of July.  I found the trays in a second hand store and they had nothing on them so I thought they would make cute home decor for summer and the 4th of July.  You can't eat off of them now because of acrylics and the sealer which is an acrylic sealer applied after the paint dried for a couple of days.  I love the dark wood it made the acrylic paints just pop! I think.  This is my very first time drawing pigs and they came not to bad, it was lots of fun to look at lots photos of pigs and come up with two of my very own!
Today I am working on finishing a wall hanging quilt and I am thinking about doing a giveaway around the middle of May.  I am also working on a doll and more painting a few different items that I will be sharing soon with you all.

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