Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Crafting Tuesday, What I am working on,

Yes I am still painting away!  I did a small painted chalk board and I am painting on a red tin box.   I am using oil based acrylics.  The chalk board is for Mother's day and tin box is just for spring or summer time.  I am learning some about painting on tin, its a bit harder to with with the paint, it needs quite a bit of building up as you go along so I am having to stop and let the paint dry very dry before I can paint on it again otherwise the paints just seem to smear around on the tin box.
The chalk board was a bit easier to do and I have done several times and love how each one has turned out; I like how the acrylics pop a bit on the chalk board I think that' the biggest reason why I love painting on the chalk boards.

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