Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh My Hair is Longer and Fun

Hi everyone today I am way off topic but if one thinks about it one could call this hair crafting.  I am just so excited to finally have my hair long enough to create and craft some neat do's.  Today you can do so much with braids! make them messy and lived in!  So that is what I have been doing, some of might have seen these pictures already on face book.  I just thought I would share them one more time.  I really love the fact that the beehive is back and some older hair do's  The top picture is actually just a french braid that I pulled lose and added strands of hair through the braid making as messy as I could get it.  The second picture is a beehive that I did up and the last pictures are dutch braids that have been pulled and massaged out.   What's even more amazing I never could braid when I was younger and now that I am older I have learned the dutch braid, fish tail, water fall braid, french braid and few other types of braid, such the crochet braid and there more types of braids everyday,  I think being older and more patient is why I can braid now! So I am just having a with fun sharing oh my hair is longer!
Get ready a contest for a giveaway is coming up!


HollyRidgeCreations said...

Neat braids!!

pamela stocker said...

Thank you so much, now that I am older I am enjoying long hair finally!