Thursday, January 16, 2014

Some Finished Crafting Projects, a Cute Cat Along with Dino with a Bit of This and That

Good morning! I am up really early this morning doing this post.  I wanted to share a couple of finished animals.  The top picture is a kitty made from fleece and filled with fiber fill.  The fabric is some Retro scrap fabric that I used to do the kitty.  The pattern for the kitty was free pattern from quite a while back when she had some free patterns.  The cat was done primitive and you can this kitty that way but I wanted to try out fleece idea and I really like how it came out.  

Dino is from a very old pattern that I had laying around and original was to make the animal from dark green broad cloth but I tried out the fleece theory instead with a bit of heavy cotton fabric.  I sort liked it but I think its needs a bit more work so I am going to redo him over and what I might do the second time is use muslin and paint it, but I want this Dino kid safe I think I need to work more with the fleece so its a work in progress.

I just had to share JoJo again I love this look when she went out and played in the snow! her face says it all! Yup we had snow just before Christmas!

I love playing with my photo enhancements! I really like how the creek turned out with a paint overlay and I going to make a quilt out of this scene!  Down below is just a normal picture and I just happen to like how it turned out!  It's a clear picture of one my little birds waiting to get to the feeder but I also love how I was able to get the melting snow on the branch!  Okay I better head back into the crafting and and get busy creating new things!!

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