Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Been Gone so Long! Sharing Tutorial on How to Make a Basic Pattern

Hey! everyone! yup! its about time that I posted.  I have been quite busy with some serious things and I just felt it best to close the Etsy stores for just a bit and I will opening them the end of this month rather than the 8th of Jan 2014!  Oh yes! I hope the new year is off to a good and wonderful start for you all?
Some of reasons due to my health and trying to get health insurance! I which I feel this health plan is a big fat joke! I am so far not impressed.  But I am only one person and that's my only view on that subject.  There have been other factors and I just rather not go into them because its a brand new year and that which has happened is long and there are only good things that lay ahead!
Any way I thought I would start by reviewing how to make a simple basic doll pattern and this is one of videos showing I do that using lids!  I hoping to show how easy and simple pattern making can be by just using things around the home.  I am using lids to make this doll pattern.  So if you already seen it, then its a a review but if you have not I hope you enjoy this video! and I really hope it helps you create a doll pattern!

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